DINETZ sells cups, glassware and crystal for restaurants, food service facilities and your home!

Sometimes a glass is simply the thing that keeps drinks where they belong (at least, initially). Other times, the only glass worth considering is the one that PERFECTLY complements both table setting and beverage. DINETZ carries both kinds and a world of styles in between.

You don't have to be a restaurant day manager ordering case-quantities to enjoy our clearly superior prices. Savvy bargain-hunters from all over Ontario and across Canada shop our Toronto retail location for the best selection of glassware to use at home.

Whether you need a gross of heavy-duty goblets or the perfect expression of Martini Happiness; Crystal stemware, Flutes, Highballs, Rocks, Zombie, Pilsners, Shots, Snifters, Tumblers - not to mention the beloved coffee cup... we have it!

Of course, we stock a wide selection of plasticware styles too, by makers such as:

Clear or colorful, delicate or dramatic... there are over 250 different styles of cups and glasses on display in our showroom - BECAUSE THAT’S ALL WE CAN FIT THERE! So contact us about the HUNDREDS of other options we offer. Our courteous and professional staff really knows how to hold a drink! Let DINETZ expertise satisfy your most specific glassware requirements.

And yes, you can have it logo'd - on glass or plastic, in one colour or several. Large-quantity orders only, please.

Dinetz Restaurant Equipment carries thousands of items from hundreds of makers. Models and styles are constantly changing, and we're always adding new products. Rely on our expert sales staff to help you stay on top of the ever-changing world of restaurant and kitchen supply.