DINETZ designs restaurants.

In addition to satisfying your equipment and supply requirements, DINETZ designs restaurants. Whether you're building a restaurant from scratch, renovating an institutional dining facility or re-organizing things around your kitchen at home (yes, we do domestic work), our long history of food service industry expertise is here to call upon. Take advantage of our consulting services. You'll likely save yourself a bundle, and perhaps a migraine or two as well.

DINETZ can design modifications to improve upon an existing layout, or execute a complete design and build from lobby to loading dock. Our particular specialty is your kitchen, where our century of experience can really make the difference.

Each element of your establishment has its role to play in your success. The way things are organized behind the swinging doors is intimately connected with how well your operation flows on the other side of them. Work surface layout, appliance utilization and heavy equipment placement all need to function in concert with your house seating plan, dining room service areas and staff access patterns.

DINETZ has been looking at the big picture for three generations. So, whatever your situation, talk to us first. It really will be better than grumbling for the next 15 years about why the sink had to be right between the range and the fryer.

Dinetz Restaurant Equipment carries thousands of items from hundreds of makers. Models and styles are constantly changing, and we're always adding new products. Rely on our expert sales staff to help you stay on top of the ever-changing world of restaurant and kitchen supply.