DINETZ sells janitorial and premises code compliance supplies.

If the debris left behind by dinner rush customers and a hard working night crew has your restaurant looking like a wild animal park, you need some industrial strength maintenance supplies. A clean workplace is a happy workplace and DINETZ has everything you need to stay in tip-top condition.

If you've been cited for code violations we can help you get those cleaned up too. DINETZ carries a full range of supplies to get the place re-organized and we've got all of the mandated items inspectors look for. After all, a "passes health inspection restaurant" is a "remains open for business restaurant" (and we know how important that is to you). So we stay on top of changes in the Food Premises Regulations, as well as disposal and recycling guidelines.

And of course, all DINETZ design and build projects are performed to fully compliant standards.

Dinetz Restaurant Equipment carries thousands of items from hundreds of makers. Models and styles are constantly changing, and we're always adding new products. Rely on our expert sales staff to help you stay on top of the ever-changing world of restaurant and kitchen supply.