DINETZ sells and configures quality restaurant equipment.

Your big appliances are the booster engines of your restaurant's success. Range, grill, fryer, broiler, steamer, refrigeration, even the dishwasher - each of them a combination of dump truck and limousine: Tough, but refined. You depend on these things.

And DINETZ carries lots of the Big Stuff:

Already have a specific piece of equipment in mind? Fine - just tell us what it is (we can probably hook you up with any item you don't see listed here). Or, if you'd prefer to review your options first, please contact us. Our expert sales team will happily turn a consultation into a tailored solution. And yes! Of course we deliver.

Dinetz Restaurant Equipment carries thousands of items from hundreds of makers. Models and styles are constantly changing, and we're always adding new products. Rely on our expert sales staff to help you stay on top of the ever-changing world of restaurant and kitchen supply.